In the agricultural sector, the fertilizer industry mainly uses FIBC flexible containers (Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container) to bag its products.
Big Bags Fertil Sack
Big bags specific for fertilizers are suitable for rapid filling and emptying. The end user transfers the fertilizer in farming machinery for fertilization.
Big bags with single or two lifting points
Big bags for agriculture can have one or two lifting points. They differ from the traditional big bags in handling and storage.
Customers and areas of use
Saccheria Piave offers a varied range of products, specifically addressing customers such as:
  • agricultural consortial
  • fertilizer manufacturers
  • the farm product processing industry
Products offered:
  • Grain bags
  • Animal feed bags
  • Coffee bags
  • Cocoa bags
  • Flour bags
  • Plastic bags
  • Canvas and jute bags
  • Water purifying bags
  • Drainage bags
  • Bags for toxic/harmful waste
  • Corn big bags
  • Rice big bags
  • Grain big bags
  • Seed big bags
  • Fertilizer big bags
  • Humus big bags
  • Approved big bags
  • Certified big bags
  • Big bags for liquids
  • Cereal big bags
  • Fodder silos
  • Big Bag Holder
  • Liquid collection tank

Feed and forage