To preserve the beauty and harmony of the Earth, man has to give a contribution by protecting it.
Great results are obtained starting from small everyday gestures and environmental protection depends solely on us.
Packaging represents one of the major factors contributing to global pollution, and their proper use is vital.

For several years Saccheria Piave has been synonymous with commitment to safeguarding the Environment, urging customers to use Big Bags in a responsible way and underlining their importance to:

  • comply with the applicable standards
  • recycle after use
  • dispose of them through authorised companies in compliance with regulations
  • do not litter the Environment with them
Saccheria Piave offers flexible containers for various uses:
  • big bags for sludge filtering
  • big bags for water purification
  • packaging bags
  • high-resistance bags
  • warp-proof bags
  • polypropylene bags
  • flexible bags
  • raffia bags
  • bags and big bags for river flooding
  • big bags for separate waste collection
  • big bags for special waste
  • big bags for hazardous waste
  • UN approved big bags
  • big bags for asbestos
  • big bags for environmental reclamation
Saccheria Piave has established its brand on the national and European market for its quality-price ratio, for its attention in the selection of materials, investment in technology and the professionalism of its staff.