The company, with headquarters in the province of Venice, thanks to the experience in the industry and the continuous research of advanced technologies, is now a benchmark in the market for the production of bags for chemical and industrial sectors.

It is specialized in the design and manufacture of big bags:
  • big bag
  • ADR certified
  • reinforced
  • silos
  • for toxic/harmful waste
  • for asbestos
  • for liquids
  • for the environment and water purification
  • for aggregates
  • for stone chippings
  • for coal
  • for gravel
  • for mortar
  • for minerals
  • for clay
  • for construction mixtures
  • for plastic
  • for compounds
  • for metals
  • for aluminium scraps
  • for processing scraps
  • for processing waste
  • for industrial use

Saccheria Piave has always sought to provide diversified containers according to the different materials that must be contained. Customers can choose the product that best fits their needs and activities.
All bags are made with high quality raw materials that guarantee high resistance.
For further information, please fill out the form or go to the Noventa di Piave headquarters in the province of Venice.
You will be welcomed by highly skilled staff ready to provide you with a personalised estimate.
Mineral and Coals


Cements, clays and mixtures for construction

Chemical products with special packaging

Ashes, powders and regenerates

Fluid and semi-liquid products

Plastic pellets

Sand, gravel and stone chippings